Blackberry Visionaries

Vice x Blackberry - VICE UK (2011)


"Nick Knight is Britain's most influential fashion photographer, who rose to the forefront of fashion through his visionary ideas."


BlackBerry and Vice Style have collaborated to showcase a selection of fashion's leading Visionaries, looking not only at established taste-makers but also at up-and-coming individuals who are making fashion tick right now. Each Visionary not only discusses their love of fashion and their chosen career, but also highlights a new fashion talent they feel is worthy of special attention. The Visionaries series has thusfar included celebrated blogger Diane Pernet, groundbreaking British designer Gareth Pugh and acclaimed fashion filmmaker Ruth Hogben, all firm favourites for many a year. In the same vein, the latest visionary is Nick Knight, who selected fashion director Alex Fury as a new voice in the fashion industry worth listening to. Watch the film above for a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Alex's passion for fashion, and an insight into Knight's continually groundbreaking visions of beauty.

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